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“Without Artify we would still be managing our processes the old way, with legacy tools: not being effective and doing too much manually. No more! Artify has leveraged our business!”
Kaja Olek
Itella business processes development manager


Itella, with its innovative solutions, is highly valued among clients, being the best-rated parcel delivery service provider in Estonia for four consecutive years according to Kantar Emor research. In terms of online platforms, Itella's Smartpost web channels (self-service environment and website) are the highest-rated in their field.

Itella Estonia is an international logistics company belonging to the Finnish Posti Group. It is one of the largest logistics companies in the region, providing road, sea, and air transportation as well as comprehensive logistics services, courier and express delivery services, and parcel locker services to private and business clients. Itella has 22,000 employees and serves 200,000 business clients in six countries.


Itella approached Artify with a problem that the currently used systems does not support a constantly evolving company. They need modern technology that would be the foundation for innovation.

Replacing A Legacy System

Artify's task was to replace outdated technology. We needed to select a new technology that would allow for building, integrating, maintaining, and further developing all software components. This new technology had to be suitable for both web and hardware-related development.

Additionally, togther with the client the project implementation strategy was created: what to build and launch and in what order.

In parallel with building the new solution, we needed to migrate users to it and assist the business in developing new functionalities because the business was growing!

Artify's CTO, describes their collaboration with Itella as follows:
We are simultaneously laying the foundation and adding floors. And we are doing it in multiple countries at once!
A photo of Jaanus Lang
Jaanus Lang
Artify founder & CTO


Artify created a concept for managing Itella's business and operational activities in three countries within one unified system. Various users & roles were brought together under one roof: sales specialists, customer support, logisticians, couriers, sorting center.

In the logistics field, the challenge lies in data fragmentation and numerous integration partners. There is a vast amount of data moving between stakeholders, and real-time accessibility to data is critically important.

‍As a solution, we developed a master database across the Baltics, upon which specific solutions were built for each user group, encompassing all the data needed for Itella's Baltic business. Artify and Itella built:

Web platform: a self-service environment for customers and an in-house back-office system
Smartapp: an Android app for couriers and sorters
Kiosk: end-user console app for parcel lockers
Sorting interface: software components that interact with sorting lines.


One of the most challenging projects that has brought the most benefits to Itella is the integration of sorting lines.

Initially, the outdated integration in Estonia was replaced with a new solution. Then, we used the Estonian sorting line as inspiration to create a new solution for Latvia and Lithuania. In Latvia and Lithuania, a sorting robot from a different manufacturer was chosen, so some adjustments were necessary. Now, the entire Baltic region experiences significantly faster operations.

Key changes in the system include:

Transparency of the system and sorting rules: work is no longer dependent on specific individuals.
Manual sorting of non-standard packages was replaced with an app.
Latvia and Lithuania transitioned from manual sorting to automatic sorting line systems.
Parcel sorting process


Couriers who previously used multiple devices now have one unified device (Android phone with an app) that allows them to manage both home deliveries and deliveries to parcel lockers.

This device can also be used by additional help staff during the holiday season. Christmas is the busiest period in the logistics field, with both post offices and parcel lockers being overloaded.

The courier solution offers

Deliveries management inside a workshift
Optimal route calculation
Optimal delivery by managing parcel boxes capacities
Multi parcel delivery for home deliveries
Additional services such as payment on delivery, age & ID checks


The work of logisticians is one of the most difficult at Itella. Couriers pass over 100 stops during the day. The task of logistics is to create the most suitable route, which must also take into account the unexpected.

The logisticians solution offers

Work orders
Work cycle planning

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing department previously used a lot of Excel in their daily work. Now they have a new back-office environment created by Artify that can be further developed according to their needs.

For example:

The sales & marketing department can

Add banners for parcel lockers and websites
Configure discount campaigns within the environment
Manage customer data and pricing agreements
A flexible technical solution was created also for defining and offering special services to clients.

Client Support

The main task of customer support is to answer customer questions over the phone. Their work environment must hence be intuitive and fast. However, the package's journey can be almost 90 days long and go through a lot of different operations - that is, a lot of data can be accumulated.

Customer support main features

System-wide fast search
Package details view to track the journey
Detailed logging system
Customizable email and message templates
In addition to everything else, Paracello manages all communications sent to customers. That is, in the low season approximately 45,000 SMS and 35,000 emails per day.
Parcel backoffice search
Parcel backoffice

Self-service for Clients

Customers are the backbone of any business and they too were not left out of Artify's innovations. The biggest improvement to Itella’s business is a comprehensive online and mobile self-service for both business and private customers.

We even added convenience services in addition to creating a new and improved platform.

The following new opportunities arose for customers

Convenience services in the form of parcel pickup preferences: possibility to define several favorite parcel machines in self-service and even a safe place for courier delivery
Recurring parcel collections ordering
Fast ordering through a secure API
Pre-notification of the arrival of the parcel & the possibility to redirect the package
Mobile payment before delivery
Pre-registering and paying for a shipment in self-service
Tracking the parcel's journey in self-service

Parcel Machines

At the beginning of the cooperation Itella had only one type of parcel machine. Now they have 2 types of parcel machines and also parcel houses.

The distribution network has expanded and that has also affected the needs for the technical solution. Each parcel machine type is a different piece of hardware and requires different approaches from the software side. Additionally an integration with Valnes Weblock system was built.

When creating the Kiosk interface for parcel machines surprising challenges were met: the screens may be shifted after reboots, customers use different force and and speed when touching buttons; beautiful designs turned out not to be the most practical one.

So after first deploying the pre-tested solution quick reaction was needed to add modifications during the implementation period. 

The Team 2 -> 15

Artify team consists mainly of senior specialists who have long-term experience in their field. A talented and experienced team is the basis for a fast paced development.

Itella project team included a technical manager, a project manager, 2 software architects, 3 senior developers, developers, analysts, testers and a designer.

It is worth noting that the founders of Artify are a designer and a software architect with rich experience, who have committed their heart and soul to their work.

We started the Itella project with two people, but now, 5 years later, we have a team of 15 on board. The Itellas's team has also grown, because in addition to Estonia, we also serve the Baltics and the needs of the Finnish Post Group.


We offer our cooperation partners only modern full solutions

Artify’s full service model includes

Analysis and process mapping
Digital product and web application design and validation with real users
Creation and development of software architecture
Project management
Testing (QA)
Artify team works on SCRUM principles. For the majority, as also in Itella’s case, it is unreasonable to create a longer waterfall type development plan.

The work processes and user needs are often clarified on an ongoing basis, especially as the business continues to grow and evolve as development is ongoing.

Every week we conducted 2 refinement sessions with the client. Managing a large team, tasks and expectations requires constant communication with the client.

Thanks to good cooperation with our partner, we of course found a good way to work together and grow into one big development team.
We are a small cell with an agile mentality surrounded by the requirements and regulations of a large group. It is a special kind of challenge to find a cooperation model that fits into that mold.
Margot Roodi
Margot Roodi
Artify CEO

Artify As An Innovation partner

When you partner with Artify, know that you're getting the whole package.

We don't just develop software, we work to make people's work easier, more intuitive and convenient.

In addition to writing code, we think about how to optimize processes and create software that supports the future.

As a strategic partner, we support the present and expect that in the future your business expands.

With the systems we have created, growth is assured.

Artify's portfolio includes several end-user solutions as well as "in-house" work management systems.

Over the course of 5 years of Itella’s development project, many changes to the original plan appeared.

Due to the pandemic, parcel business grew by 300% and the systems at that time were not ready for such growth.

Fortunately for Itella, they had involved a cooperation partner for whom it was not a problem to focus on this unexpected need and solve it before returning to the planned development path.
Artify's CEO, sums up the Itella project with the words
It has been a challenging journey during which we learned a lot as a team. Thanks to this, we are richer by several experiences and we welcome new exciting tasks with open arms.
Margot Roodi
Margot Roodi
Artify CEO

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