From Design -> Full Solutions We do it All.

Artify is a Software Design and Development Studio. Our Professionals Plan, Design, and Build -> Digital Products
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Our customers are the companies and startups that make the world go round — they move parcels, organize travel, provide capital, help people meditate, and boost efficiency.

Vast and complex businesses need digital solutions that are just as people-friendly as they are strong and scalable.

Challenging core beliefs, we shape the products and services that improve the lives of thousands daily.


The work we do and the people we help

Over the last 13 years, we've developed business-critical software for 30+ firms.
Our comprehensive approach includes discovery, design, and development.


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Delivering parcels with best user experience
Itella smartpost
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Innovating and boosting the productivity of hundreds of accounting firms
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Powerful car leasing management system performs like clockwork
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Full travel service, every wish fulfilled in 10 minutes
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Global marketplace for growing companies
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Automate contracts to take over your manual work
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What our clients say:

Artify innovated complex travel arrangements through self-service.
“Fast delivery and implementing new ideas at the same time is not common and is only possible thanks to the way Artify works.”
A photo of Aino Kuntsel
Aino Kuntsel
CEO of GoTravel
Artify revolutionized logistics technology and built a new platform for our future.
“Artify’s partnership is invaluable to us, not only because of their technical expertise, but also because of their strategic thinking and business acumen. We’re grateful to have such a valuable partner.”
A photo of Meelike Paalberg
Meelike Paalberg
CIO of Itella
“If you work with them, be prepared to commit – these guys will deliver.”
A photo of Meelis Lang
Meelis Lang
CIO / Helmes

We shape the products and services that improve the lives of millions every single day.

We follow a simple approach:


We learn your business processes and help map the unknown by talking to your clients. We gather insight into the industry trends. Lastly, nothing is final without testing multiple options.


We begin by writing a design brief, designing prototypes, testing and validating business use cases, ensuring that your product is well-designed, easy to use, and aligned with the market. Our goal is to make users happy and bring a positive ROI.


Our senior developers create the architecture, back-end, front-end, and API layers. We know which architecture to choose and write a code that can be maintained and used for years.


We set the standard for competitors by keeping up with best practices. We hold our projects close to our hearts. We’ll update, add, design, or change everything as needed.

We’ve developed specific use cases where our combined approach and expertise help businesses excel.

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Building digital products

We're experts at building new digital products from scratch, as well as upgrading existing products to meet new demands and support a growing user base. Using extensive research, data, and insights, we design and deploy human-centric experiences that are intuitive, easy to use, and a joy to interact with.

Our capabilities

We’ve helped launch 50+ projects through the years.

Business & Growth Consulting

Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your goals and how you are going to reach them. We lead & deliver!

Business Strategy & Planning
Product Innovation
Agile Team Setup and Operations

Digital experiences

Marketing websites
Digital products
Mobile apps
Design systems


Competitive benchmarking
Customer research and data analysis
Stakeholder and user interviews
User flows and customer journey
Information architecture
Wireframes and testing


Website development
CMS implementation
Technical & Data architecture
Front/Back-end development
Full-stack App development
Quality assurance
A photo of a person sitting behind a computer having three monitors open, coding

Artify is a Software Design &
Development Studio.

We are focused on delivering excellent digital products that drive our customers’ businesses forward. Artify is a group of hands-on people passionate about building the future. We take great pride in what we do and deliver high quality. We never stop at the exact assignment given to us—we go above and beyond.
A photo of Jaanus and Rain sitting on a couch

Founded in 2009

by software architect Jaanus Lang and UX/UI designer Rain Allikvee to deliver excellence without bureaucratic constraints. To be agile, be focused, be passionate!
Today, we’re a family of engineers: developers, QAs, POs, growth hackers, and designers who create innovation! We lead the way and set standards.

Artify is an innovation studio that will take your business to the next level by optimizing your processes and offering the best user experience your customers didn’t even know to dream of.
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A photo of Artify's team member
A photo of Jaanus holding a megaphoneA photo of Artify's team

We build human-centric products that reflect our diverse team and the humankind we serve.

Join US

Interested in joining with Artificers?

Artificer is a smart and skillful individual who likes to discover and create - a master with an inventor's soul.


Artificers deal with a wide variety of topics and therefore cannot be defined by a specific role. The Artificer defines itself through functions, and they vary in time and space, just as the Artificer itself wants to evolve.

One time he tests and challenges the creations of other Artificers. The next moment he visualizes and writes down future solutions. And then, of course, his favorite activity - real crafting.
Artificer's three principles:
Is proud of their creations and their quality
Considers the team and cares about the result
Is motivated by constant progress

Our Leadership Team

Margot Roodi

Margot Roodi

CEO, business and people manager

Experienced IT project manager, strengths coach, a people person in charge of customer and partner relationships. Will find a way for any project, team, operation to succeed. She likes running, but only if she can go for a swim and bike ride first! Because you’ve got to at least try - or tri?

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+372 5344 1514

A photo of Rain Allikvee

Rain Allikvee

CPO, visionary, business developer and UI/UX designer

Co-founder of Artify and Uku & several startups. Strong product, business and strategy knowledge, 25+ years of UX background, seasoned in digital branding. He never sleeps, usually he meditates, reads and learns instead.

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+372 521 2126

A photo of Jaanus Lang

Jaanus Lang

CTO, architect, software developer

Co-founder of Artify and Uku & several startups. A seasoned lead developer in CRM, ERP and SaaS solutions with 25+ years of experience in Software Development and Business Analysis. In his free time a game designer and hobby fisherman.

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+372 511 5781

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Visit our studio

Our Studio is located in the center of Tallinn. Soo 2, Tallinn, Estonia
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